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Page of 4 Go. Quick Links. This manual must be left with the owner. Table of Contents. Ptac air conditioners and heat pumps Digismart ptac packaged terminalair conditioner and heat pump 8 pages. Packaged terminal products ptc coolerpth heat pumpdry dehumid cooler models ra e series units 2 pages.

Single package gas-electric heating and cooling unit 15 pages. Page 2: Maintenance And Cleaning To properly maintain the operational performance of Before cleaning the vent screen, disconnect power to your PTAC unit, it is extremely important that the inlet the unit by unplugging the power cord at the wall outlet air filter be cleaned once per month or more often if or subbase, or disconnect power at the fuse box or operated in dusty or dirty locations or conditions.

Page 3: Wall Sleeve The use of harsh or caustic cleaning agents or materials such as bleach or coil cleaners that are not designed for PTAC products will cause damage or deterioration of the aluminum fin or coil material and is not recom- mended.

Page 4: Clearance Check Maintenance and Cleaning Clearance Check Clearances around the unit should also be checked to make sure that the intake air and discharge air paths have not become blocked or restricted.

amana ptac reset

A minimum of eight inches clearance is needed from unit to furniturebeds, or other objects for proper operation. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 4 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.The Eden system is the first of its kind, offering hotels, nursing homes, schools and any building with PTACs substantial benefits including reduced energy consumption, improved unit maintenance and easy installation.

The Eden system includes an in-room wireless thermostat and occupancy sensor developed in conjunction with Everex Communications. The in-room PTAC and peripherals are connected with the push of a button. There is no wiring to run or need for an electrician.

amana ptac reset

To complete the system, all of the PTACs in a building can be wirelessly connected to a single hardware interface--the DL01E controller. Using the Eden Internet user interface, each PTAC can be viewed from a computer to check unit performance, temperature, unit settings, and check for maintenance issues. All rights reserved. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited. Website works best with Javascript enabled.

Enable Javascript and reload this page to continue. Find a Dealer. About Us. Contact Us. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Wireless Energy Management System for PTACs The Eden system is the first of its kind, offering hotels, nursing homes, schools and any building with PTACs substantial benefits including reduced energy consumption, improved unit maintenance and easy installation.Amana packaged terminal air conditioner units are known for their reliability, but as with any product, things can go wrong.

If you are ever having trouble with an Amana PTAC a quick reset might be the easiest way to fix the problem. The manual reset process with clear any settings that you have changed and return everything back to the factory default. Mickey is the resident heating and air conditioning expert. My amana ptac unit cord blew fire from breaker on cord.

I bought a new cord and installed it. But now im not getting anything to work. Please help. Sorry to hear that! It sounds like the main board on the unit might have also gone out. You should call Amana tech support at Help i have the issue with thr br code coming up. Unit runs fine if run as it is but if i connect it to the thermostat i get a br error and unit wont run.

How do i fix this? I have replaced the thermostat already nut still get the same results. My amana unit will display whether you're using heat or cool but you cannot adjust temperature and you cannot turn on fan speed or constant fan.

Theres power to the power cord but nothing else. My PTAC unit will not blow heated air. The unit runs off of a wall thermostat. When we took the front cover off, the filter was dirty. Can you tell me what may be wrong? My Amanda Digital in wall unit how do i reset it because we had lost power to the building everything came back on except that.

What do i do? Please be polite. We appreciate that.The Amana heat pump, as you have probably heard, is one of the best pumps of the kind. If you get it for your personal use, you will be perfectly satisfied.

Anyhow, there is a slight possibility that something will go wrong. This happens regardless the brand and kind of device. If some issues occur for instance, heat pump fan not spinning and some other ones there is no reason for getting worried and nervous. The troubleshooting guide given below will definitely help you and make it clearer how to deal with it! Just read everything carefully and find the problem that has occurred regarding your own case.

Make sure plug is firmly seated m outlet. For cooling, turn Temperature Control to cooler setting. For heating, turn Temperature Control to warmer setting.

amana ptac reset

Loose front on mounting assembly Weak building construction Water hitting fan blade. Normal in high humidity. Stop noise by removing drain plug or adding condensate drain cup.

amana ptac reset

Turning Temperature Control to warmer setting reduces occurrence and duration of frost. To reduce algae growth, use algaecide tablet in base pan; remove dram plug; add condensate dram cup and hose. Thoroughly clean unit. Caused by dust accumulation during unused months. Odor dissipates quickly with heater use.

Check if address settings for the remote controller and indoor unit are correct. A power failure of 2 to 10 cycles stops air conditioner operation. Operation lamp OFF. Check for wiring and piping errors in the connection between the indoor unit and outdoor unit. Set the unit to cooling operation, and check the temperature of the liquid pipe to see if the electronic expansion valve works.

Make sure that the plug has not tripped. Check section on dipswitch settings to verify dipswitches are set properly. Note: If the unit turns on. If the unit is off. If there is no LED on. Start heating or cooling early before outdoor temperature, cooking heat or gatherings of people make room uncomfortable. Check section on Intelligent Self-checking Control. There is a protective time delay approx. Check Intelligent Self- checking Control section to determine if unit has had a failure.

Check that installation is level and make any necessary adjustments. Switch unit to FAN operation until ice or frost melts.

After a power outage, the compressor will restart after approximately 3 minutes. Wait 5 minutes after disconnecting power before opening motor.An especially popular choice among hotel owners, Amana PTACs are also common fixtures in nursing homes, offices, college dorms, and apartment buildings. Like any indoor appliance, your PTAC unit requires routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and a long lifespan.

Follow the instructions below:. Understandably, this means the air filters get dirty pretty fast. Run the filters under the tap and let dry completely on a towel before inserting the filters back into the unit. Using a vacuum to clean lint, dust, and dirt from the filters is an effective method, as well. Because the process of cleaning the vent screen involves removing the cabinet front and working with parts inside the unit, disconnecting the power is an extremely important safety measure.

Sometimes, but not on all models, the cabinet front is secured with a screw, so check and see how your cabinet front is attached before you attempt to remove it to, you know, avoid frustration.

Ideally, a filter is not cleaned but replaced. Reverse this process to put your PTAC back together.

AMANA Air Conditioner Error Codes

These substances will damage and cause deterioration of the aluminum fin or coil material. Instead, use a mild biodegradable detergent, or simply warm water. Certain environmental factors may require your unit to be deep cleaned more frequently, and if you reside near a dusty construction site or sea coast, for example, you should schedule inspection and thorough maintenance four times a year.

Other local conditions can cause fungi to build up in the unit, and when such material dries around the inner workings of your PTAC it poses a fire hazard. Familiarize yourself with the kinds of spores and other airborne particles that can cause foreign material build-up in your area, and schedule deep cleaning maintenance accordingly. Because this deep cleaning involves working with the most intricate parts of your PTAC unit, yearly maintenance should be conducted by a professional service person.

This is important for both your own safety and for the safety of the unit. Most residences where PTACs are common apartments, hotels, office buildings, etc. If you do not reside in a building with a maintenance staff, contact a qualified local service person. All service people are required to follow the cleaning and inspection instructions located in the Amana PTAC manual.Unit showing code c7.

I have alot of these units and continue to have the same problems… The unit will cool perfectly for minutes and then all the sudden it stopped cooling, once I reset it it will run again for minutes maybe 15 minutes and then it will cut itself off again??? Windows dont open and door is always closed. Dont unerstand! Replace black Indoor Ambient Thermistor. F4 Indoor Coil Thermistor either above or below operating tolerances.

Replace Red Indoor Coil Thermistor. F6 Indoor Discharge Thermistor either above or below operating tolerances. Replace Yellow Indoor Discharge Thermistor.

Was working fine took the kids out to play turned it off. I returned three hours later and the reset button was popped out I pushed it back in to find the error code nA. What does that mean!? Is it broken and how!? I have one doing the same thing. If you have found a solution please please share with me. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Gerald Gaiser. September 17, Reply. Gus Sierra.

L Myers. What does L7 mean. August 22, Reply. July 12, Reply. F3 code what is it i cant find the code March 22, Reply. Morris Rhoades. September 4, Reply. Marcos Rodriguez. My Ptac units are flashing the F4 and F6 codes, where does one find the parts for that? February 23, Reply.

Ron Mentek. Unit says na What does this mean? December 7, Reply.Click on the links below to troubleshoot an issue, register a product or find a replacement part. Step-by-step guides offer easy solutions. For warranty and protection benefits, register your product. Lost your manual?

AMANA Air Conditioner Error Codes

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