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A Tribute to Vietnam. All Creatures Great. American Experience. Battlefield S1 E1 Battlefield S1 E Battlefield S1 E3 Battlefield S1 E4 Battlefield S1 E5 Battlefield S1 E6 Battlefield S2 E1 Bell Laboratory Scie. Black Horse Canyon Chopper Pilot Learn. Chuka Full We. Climate Change Disney Christmas Col. Doctor Zhivago - Sou. Exodus - Soundtrack.


Face Behind the File. Frank Capra Why We. Freedom and Power Fully Developed Clai. Gone With The Wind Hennesey in Harvey S.

Hennesey in Hennesey. High Noon - Soundtra. How to Operate Behin. How to fly The B Island in the Sky Su. Joe Pass Ella Fitz. John Ford's Undercov.

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Lawrence Of Arabia Liberace and the Lon. Living Stereo - Lost Command M1 Rifle -- U.A Man and a WomanFree-Loops.

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A Star is BornFree-Loops. ATM - money withdrawFree-Loops. Aaargh Sound. Aaliyah Try AgainFree-Loops. Abandon All HopeFree-Loops. Aboriginal SoundsFree-Loops. About Prayer MidiFree-Loops. Acapella Fort MinorFree-Loops.

Acceleration SoundFree-Loops. Access Denied MaleFree-Loops. Accidental TouristFree-Loops. Accordian A2 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian C2 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian C4 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian C5 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian D3 SampleFree-Loops.

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Accordian F2 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian F4 SampleFree-Loops. Accordian G3 SampleFree-Loops. Acid Bass 85 Free-Loops. Acid Bass StabFree-Loops.I've tried creating an index of files in, f.

The command I've been using was. If you go over them you'll notice that, using find, some of the entries are out of order but I haven't figured out what the problem is. Is there either some way I can do this easier or some other command I've been told to look into glob but I can't figure out how to use it that would do it better?

Note: I get the same result from using. Evil archlinux freenode channel op and general support dude. Dude, start a local ftp server and give me the link, I want some of those movies.

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Pages: 1. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB.A History of Violence A Scanner Darkly Aeon Flux Ali G, Aiii Alien American Beauty [HDrip] Anchorman- The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Apocalypse Now Original Version. Awakenings Babel Batman Batman Begins Batman Forever Beavis and Butthead Do America Beerfest Better Luck Tomorrow Beverly Hills Cop Billy Madison Brain Candy Brazil Terry Gilliam - Brick Capote Casino Royale My Spy Play Now.

According to thes Play Now. Ada Gray and her fellow astronauts aboard The Udo fight for survival after an My Spy Adventures of Jojo Terminator Salvation Devi A Perfect 14 Jojo Kumudini Choudary A Rebel Born Master Z: Ip Man Legacy Ip Man 3 Ip Man and Four Kings Asur Badal You're Next Gods Of Egypt Asuraguru Jhalki Greaves - Take A Letter Maria.

Rage Against The Machine - Revolver. Rammstein - Das Modell [Met Tekst]. Rammstein - Seemann [Met Tekst]. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Rollercoaster.

Ricky Martin - Juramento Midi Only. Ritchie Havens - Ain't No Sunshine. Robbie Williams - Angels, Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Angels - Robbie Williams Robbie Williams - Angels - Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Angels1 Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Angels3 Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Angels [Met Tekst]. Robbie Williams - Come Undone. Robbie Williams - Eternity - Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Feel - Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams - Freedom - Robbie Williams Robbie Williams - Millennium - Robbie Williams Robbie Williams - Millennium - Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams - Millennium [Met Tekst]. Robbie Williams - Radio [Met Tekst]. Robbie Williams - Road To Mandalay. Robbie Williams - Roxanne [Met Tekst]. Robbie Williams-SomethingBeautiful-Fixed.Maybe an odd little cruiser instead.

Or perhaps this one.

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There's also this choice for a low tier light cruiser - Chung King aka HMS Aurora. No idea if that is actually possible with the unreleased ships left, though. Something exotic like the Atlanta, that doesn't play like 'regular' ships. And if they ut in battlecruiers like the Renown i would not be surprised of we get to see a package with Repulse and Prince of Wales at the end of next year.

S Philadelphia - Brooklyn class cruiser (Basically a Cleveland with an extra turret) - Served in the US navy earning multiple battle stars and citations. Later spent 20 years in the Brazilian Navy. With 12 (4x3 turret lay out) 12" guns, she'd likely fit in at T4 or 5 quite well, depending on design. I sincerely doubt WG will do an Austrian line, so she won't be stealing from anyone's tech tree ships.

I would also love Tosa as a t8 IJN ship. Basically just a fatter, slower Amagi. I'd also join the chorus for the usual. Akagi, Enterprise, Hood, and a Regina Marina ship of choice.

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I'd personally lean for Littorio but that's just Kancolle fandom talking. And yeah we'd better get either Shigure or Yuudachi as a T7 premium. While Shigure is best girl I'd be happy with either. Adding on to the weeab premium boats, I also hope we see Harekaze at T8.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Haifuri, but it was good enough, and the idea of a Kagero with the options for either Akizuki's or American guns sounds like it'd be great fun gameplay wise. Possibly Vanguard as a Tier VIII.

I'm hoping the Frenchies and Italians playing this game get ATLEAST one each, I'm not super knowledgable about either of these, but it's fairly obvious which ships COULD be a premium this year (plenty named in this thread alone).

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A competitive Tier VIII USN. Which'll probably be the Alabama.

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And no more Russian Premiums for a year except maybe a BB one other than Nikolai, they had plenty as of late, at this rate they'll have an additional tech tree of Premiums before major navies get their silver tech trees. Since I'm really not sure whether i should buy the tirpitz or not right now.

And 5 special paint jobs.